2015 Best in Show Winners
2015 Best in Show Winners Photo Credit: Kevin McGee Photography

* Cosplay Contest Sign Ups will also be available at the Convention located at Summer Noelle’s Cosplay table. *

This contest is open to all costumes, both individual and group. Original costumes are welcome.

There will be a check-in before the contest, participants are required to check in no later than 2 hours before the posted contest time. At the check in you will be given a time for prejudging (if you are unable to participate in the prejudging notify the cosplay staff immediately). Please note that if you do not check in, you will not be able to participate.

There will be four categories including: Adult 18+, Youth 13- 17, Best Group, Best In Show, and a bonus category of Judges Choice.

If for any reason you wish to participate in a different category other than your own, contact the cosplay staff upon check in.

* Note: there will be a separate contest for ages 12 and under on Sunday *

Awards will be given in each category, decisions are final and if there are any questions regarding judging please contact the cosplay staff. These awards may change at any time without warning. The Judging sheets will be available to each contestant and group after the contest has concluded.

We ask contestants that have costumes that have been entered more than 3 times at ConCarolinas or have won at ConCarolinas with their costume in the past, to please retire that particular costume from competition, barring any MAJOR improvements or additions.

Reference pictures of your costume are not required but they are highly recommended. Pictures of your work-in-progress are also valued in the decision making process and are helpful during prejudging.

Participants must stay within the contest area during the ENTIRETY of the costume contest. (either the stage area or green room).

Leaving the contest area before the presentation of awards without informing the cosplay staff will result in an automatic forfeit of the award.

ConCarolinas staff reserves the right to change these rules, the awards, and their associated prizes if necessary.

* Sign ups for the Kids Costume Contests (12 & under) will be available all weekend at Summer Noelle’s Cosplay table *

Contest rules

All costumes and presentations must be family friendly. Anything overly suggestive will be barred from the contest. If you are not sure if your costume or performance is acceptable, you can email Costume Contest Coordinator – Summer Noelle.

There will be only ONE entry per person, all group costumes are to be considered as ONE entry

All participants must be registered for the con on the day of the contest. No badge = no entry.

Participants who fail to check in before the contest will NOT be allowed to participate in the contest unless the cosplay staff is notified beforehand.

Any inappropriate skits, actions or otherwise bad behavior will result in an automatic withdrawal of your contest entry and could result in a ban of the convention until the next show.

Pre-Contest Tips

  • Check over your costume before you leave for the con. Make a list of the parts, or put the whole thing on before you pack.
  • Bring a cosplay repair kit, and prepare for possible malfunctions before they happen (There will be a sewing kit at Summer Noelle’s Cosplay Table if you need assistance.
  • Get to the line up site a few minutes before the lineup time. The contest will take place immediately after prejudging.
  • Hydrate! If you are in a costume that is hot, make sure you stay well hydrated. Take breaks to stay fueled throughout the day and plan out times to take breaks.
  • Do not forget the little things. If you’re wearing a period costume, take off your watch. Pay attention to what make-up your character wears, or what style of hair they wear.
  • HAVE FUN! Ask the judges questions after the show and remember, Cosplay is all about fun!

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