The convention cannot provide wheelchairs (The hotel may have a transport chair for emergency purposes only).  If you have trouble walking long hallways, we suggest calling some of the durable medical equipment companies around Charlotte or Concord to see if you can rent a wheelchair or a rollator.  You can check with the rental company to see if there is any arrangement for delivery to the hotel and pick up at the end of the con.

Most of the convention takes place in the convention center area (There are just three small panel rooms on a second level, off the hotel atrium). Seating for those with disabilities will be provided, there will also be reserved disability seating in the main sessions.  For smaller sessions, please arrive a bit before the session/panel ends so that you will be able to find a suitable place for seating.

If you are traveling by plane to the convention, we recommend that you print out a Disability Notification for dealing with TSA:


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